Ages 5-7

Mondays 3:30-5
This day and time may change depening on enrollment. The alternative day and time is Wednesday,4:30-6 with 7-10 yr olds

Younger children are provided painting, drawing, modeling, carving, collage, and printmaking tools with which they discover and build their art vocabulary. Often the excitement of using a new tool in itself provides all the motivation a 6 year old needs. To build on that initial spark, storybooks, found objects,funny words, movement, games and shared experiences carry these young artists into hours of expression.

(5)7-10 YEAR OLDS

During these ages, young artists thrive in an art program that provides some examples and rules  for doing things “right” AND motivations that encourage them to move beyond those comfort zones into their unique ideas and expressive styles. Lots of drawing (fantasy, comics, nature, people, some rudimentary perspective) combined with some painting, collage, and 3D materials add to their understanding of line, shapes, colors, form and use of space.

Ages 10-14


THURSDAYS 4:30-6pm

These classes are planned around an older student’s interests and abilities. Not satisfied anymore with just exploring materials and symbolic representations, young teens  want the skills to build a more detailed expressive language. Drawing what they see more accurately, mixing colors to show depth and form, creating faces and figures with an understanding of proportion and balance, and learning ways to evaluate their own and appreciate other artists work are important to these young artists.

Meadowedge Art for Children, a non profit organization supported by donations and tuition, provides area children an  intimate studio environment where each child is encouraged to explore and expand his or her unique  enthusiasms and skills for making art. 

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