Meadowedge’s early years, from 1984-1988 was host to several budding artists, who today are well known and successful artists and teachers; several early Meadowedge students are parents of current students. Nate Pratt, an animator for Disney in Florida, first started drawing cartoon characters at Meadowedge when he was 6. Chloe Marr Fuller, a successful graphic designer and ceramic artist, has a studio in Cambridge, where she and her long time partner create whimsical , lovely pieces reminiscent of her early paintings and sculptures of Fairies and animals Sidney Navarro  a successful artist in New York ( and mother of 2!) spent hours at Meadowedge drawing ladies in costumes. In her present work, you can see the hints of the fashionable ladies she drew at Meadowedge Laurel Waters This Vermont landscape painter, who’s work enhances the homes and public spaces around Burlington VT, is my daughter! Her career started with painting landscapes on old cupboard doors( a kind of folk art, but quickly spread to large wall sized canvasses, as her visions  of the Vermont skies grew into Skyscapes. Steve Berson (who I also had as a student at Eaglebrook) loved to draw  anything as a child, and challenged himself with difficult portraits of dogs and animals Katrina Damkoehler   is a graphic artist in NYC, who has worked for several well known children/young adolescent publishing houses in NYC. Katrina, as a child painted and drew everything from garden and forest scenes to  still life studies. Her artwork always had a story to tell, and she wold love to describe her creations to others.