Im writing to say how much I enjoyed the activities you chose for the children last Thursday; the sorting and the treasure island and the color mixing; how much I liked the space. Being there feels like being in a little utopia.
Margaret Fasulo

Thank you so much for having such a fine program for the kids.  I love that Marisa (and I) are learning the use of different mediums as well as a bit of history about various artists.  Marisa loves being with you and the friends she has met over the last couple of years.
Thank you for your patience and guidance.  I know we all appreciate what you do with our kids.
Kim Prohaska
Tiana LOVES your classes.She would like to sign up for all six weeks of the summer program.
Melissa Urey
Julie is really enjoying her time with you! We are seeing her confidence soar as a result of you class and are quite pleased.
Kim Sprankle
The opportunity to explore artistically you offer the children is fabulous. I really appreciate your talents and eagerness toshare them with Amelia. Thank you so very much.
Linda Smiaroski
Thanks for these, Cynthia! Eleanor LOVED doing this painting with you. She came home absolutely enchanted by the process of choosing colors, thinking about composition, mixing paints…. she was pretty much over the moon.Thanks for inspiring her and showing her such beauty and pleasure in artistic expression!!
Erin KLett
Meadowedge is a wonderful camp experience that provides inspiration and fosters creativity. Some of my best summer memories came from Meadowedge camp!
Katy Edmond
Meadowdge classes are always a high point of the summer for Kyle-
Jake and Regan Mayer

William had a great time; at first he was hesitant about taking an art class, but now he cant wait to go back!
Erin Jaworski

Ana had tried several afterschool activities and this is the first one that she truly enjoys! The diverse media allow her to develop several skills( and parents can wait in a comfortable and inviting space with wireless!)
Charlie Smith
Our daughter has blossomed in the relaxed natural environment. There she grows, not only as an artist, but as a person. She particularly enjoys the chance to be messy and creative at the same time!S
Sarah Rankin
Our daughter loves Meadowedge! She started attending Meadowedge classes at age 5 and has been attending the summer and school sessions for the last 4 years. She is encouraged to be creative and thoughtful and allowed to experiment and follow her imagination. It is a wonderful place for a child to gain a true appreciation of art – both doing and observing. I highly recommend it – I wish they had programs for adults!
Lara Dubin

Supporting you is our pleasure. These precious days of our children’s youth go by so quickly and to find a place that she loves and can be free to express herself in many forms with your unbiased caring and support is a gift that I want to help cultivate.  Thank you for your talents!
Nicole Freeman

We love Meadowedge!! Our son has spent many hours at Meadowedge creating beautiful art projects of which he is very proud. It is a wonderful, focusing, nurturing, and inspiring place.

Meadowedge is really a special place. Our daughter started at Meadowedge when she was age 6, and it was always a wonderful, creative refuge for her. Now she is 36, earning her living as a book designer and art director, with very fond memories of those afternoons on Fox Hill Road!And now it’s time for the next generation. My nine-year-old grandson now also enjoys creative time at Meadowedge. Cynthia is a gifted teacher–she truly “gets” kids–and each of their unique needs and personalities.
Sheila Damkoehler