Summer Art/Swim Workshops

Our summer program runs Mondays-Thursdays, ( except July 5-7), 1-4pm, with free swims  and snack during the afternoon, with optional swim lessons at 12:15 for beginners and at 4:30 for swimmers.

Parents and siblings are welcome to stay for the duration, lounge on the deck, and swim when the pool is free. The  air conditioned indoors with wi fi are available for parents who have work to do.

Choose from the 7 week selection, then register. You will be invoiced with your confirmation.

OR you have an option of registering and paying online when you click select. 

$50 non refundable fee due at time of registration to save a place.

$100. due by June 1.

Sign up for swim lessons at the first day of the workshop week.

Swim lessons, are $40./week, payable by  the end of each week.

Please see our registration page to sign up and pay for classes.

June 26-29 Painting,Printing and Playing with Clay
Have fun trying out all the ways you can explore these methods. Indoors and out.
Ages 5-7- Mackenzie)

June 26-29 Book Characters
Use wire, plaster mesh, clay, paint,fabrics and accessories to create a model of a character from a favorite book. (Ages 8-11 Cynthia)

July 5-7( 3 days) Pouches and Plunder( Cynthia)
Felt, weave, or stitch pouches for treasures you will find around the yard.
(Ages 5-11 Cynthia)

July 10-13 Masks and Monsters
Using paper- mache, make a mask and/or a monster of your own, to hang in your bedroom to keep the boogie men away!
(Ages 5-11 Cynthia)

July 17-20 Clay Slabs
Start with making a 3D sign for your house or treehouse, then learn how to make a bowl, box or building with semi hard clay slabs. Decorate and fire your favorite creation
(Ages 5-11 Cynthia)

July 24-27 Stone Carving/ Beginners
Using rasps and sandpapers, shape and polish a small soapstone model of your favorite animal.( Ages 5-7 Cynthia ) Older siblings who’ve done stone carving are welcome as assistants

july 31-Aug 3 Stone Carving (FULL/No more registrations accepted)
Learn to create greater detail in soapstone carvings with small rasps and files.
(ages 8 and up- Heather)

August 7- 10 Fairy House Villages (FULL/No more registrations accepted
With others in the workshop, plan and create a table wide community of connected fairy houses/stores/rivers/ponds/gardens/farms and playgrounds. Each creation is separate-able, and can be taken home to start your own community (ages 5-10-Heather)

Meadowedge Art for Children, a non profit organization supported by donations and tuition, provides area children an  intimate studio environment where each child is encouraged to explore and expand his or her unique  enthusiasms and skills for making art. 

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