Cynthia Fulton, founder and director, has been making and teaching art for 45 years, After organizing a small summer art program on Martha’s Vineyard in 1968, she joined the Peace Corps in India, where she worked with Adivasi tribal children,and later at Brooklyn Heights Montessori school. She received a BFA in Art Education at UMASS in 1974, and a Med in Curriculum Development in 1986.

After serving as an  artist in residence in Greenfield MA schools, she founded the original Meadowedge Art for Children in 1984. Four years later, she joined the faculty at Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, where she taught 11-14 yr old boys until 2006, when Meadowedge was reestablished in its current setting. A painter, collage artist and printmaker, Cynthia works out of her studio above the art rooms when she’s not teaching.


Meadowedge Art for Children, a non profit organization supported by donations and tuition, provides area children an  intimate studio environment where each child is encouraged to explore and expand his or her unique  enthusiasms and skills for making art. 

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