‘With so much in their lives prepackaged and done for them, where are the experiences in which children, growing to maturity, learn that doing is fraught with uncertainty, but wonderfully rewarding when brought to completion by one’s own efforts?”

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Cynthia Fulton, founder and director, has been making and teaching art for 45 years, After organizing a small summer art program on Martha’s Vineyard in 1968, she joined the Peace Corps in India, where she worked with Adivasi tribal children, and later at Brooklyn Heights Montessori school. She received a BFA in Art Education at UMASS in 1974, and a Med in Curriculum Development in 1986.

After serving as an artist in residence in Greenfield MA schools, she founded the original Meadowedge Art for Children in 1984. Four years later, she joined the faculty at Eaglebrook School in Deerfield, where she taught 11-14 yr old boys until 2006, when Meadowedge was reestablished in its current setting. A painter, collage artist and printmaker, Cynthia works out of her studio above the art rooms when she’s not teaching.

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At the core of the Meadowedge program is a sequence by which children enjoy a variety of sensorial (aural, tactile,visual, literary and kinetic) experiences based on a broad theme of interest, such as fantasy, natural objects, nighttime, water, etc. Drawing is an essential part of the Meadowedge experience, and all forms of drawing, from careful drawing what they see to imaginative interpretations, are encouraged.
After this motivating exploration, and expressions of intention, they set to work on a 2 or 3D projects that visually reflect their inner and outer responses to the initial spark. Pastels, painting,
 fabric, felting, wire, wood construction, stone and clay sculpture, printmaking and collage  deepen  and expand a student’s field of possibilities.

This sequence is modified for different age groups. Younger students often work quickly through 3 processes a day; they enjoy exploring and controlling the sensorial qualities of materials. Older ones, adept at basic skills, explore the expressive options available to them through more advanced techniques.They sometimes take 2 sessions to complete a project. Children work at their own pace; as they finish, they are encouraged to draw in their sketchbooks, work on a mandala, or look at books until the session is over, and we share and talk about their art. 


 Located in a home on a hillside in Bernardston, MA, Meadowedge Art offers visual art classes for children from ages 4 to 13.The small class size and 10 week programs provide a stable framework which fosters imagination and the furthering of artistic skills. Classes range from 60 to 120 minutes and students work at their own pace. Each student is encouraged to trust their unique visualization to create a piece of art they will be proud of.