After School Art Classes


This year, the classes will be a mixture of drawing painting,  crafts, sculpture, building, and modeling that will appeal to all.

Classes start September 23

Fall/Winter Session – $300

Winter/Spring Session – $400

Class times 4pm – 5:30 pm
Tuesdays:  6-8 year-olds
Wednesdays: 9-12 year-olds
Thursdays: Teen drawing- 11-15 year-olds

Here is where students develop the skills to really draw how things look, and confidence in their perception of the line, detail, textures, perspective, shading, and proportion of a variety of subjects, from portraiture to interior spaces to the natural world.

Each student is encouraged to take these skills into individual directions that interest them. A close observation of the colors of a birds wing may lead to a pastel or detailed ink drawing. Several media planned to expand on the drawing skills are offered.