After School Art Classes



3:45-5:30 PM

2d visual art  vs 3D crafts

The after school classes are oriented toward building drawing and skills with other 2 dimensional media, while Saturday morning workshops are where crafty 3 dimensional projects will be undertaken. A commitment of 15 weeks is required for after school programs, whereas Saturday morning workshops can be registered for one at a time. Please see the Saturday Morning Page for crafty projects.


Each 100 minute class begins with children viewing, holding. and discussing and drawing an engaging  animal, plant, object or piece of art. With the discussion and close observation in their minds, they expand on their own ideas with another medium including paint, oil pastels, collage, clay, fabric or print materials.

A close study and discussion of a cactus offers the child visual clues for drawing it; introducing bright pastels may inspire a drawing of a desert, or an imaginary cactus like animal. An old boot might bring to mind a home for a small creature, an espresso maker, a model for a spaceship or a  clay coffee mug,  a tricycle, a collage of colorful wheels. Each class is planned around the interests and attention spans of each age group.


Please make sure your child has a filling snack after school before art class. Hunger makes cranky less attentive young artists! The limited class time should be spent creating, not eating! On art day, it may be advisable to wear clothes they can get a little dirty.

Arrival and Pickup

Arriving between 3:45 and 4ish is not a problem. Upon arrival, all students are given a warm-up or free drawing practice until 4 pm, when the main project begins. Please be prompt picking up. If you are delayed, text or phone.


Meadowedge follows the Pioneer Valley School District snow day policy. Makeup days will be scheduled for the last 2 weeks in May. You may attend a makeup if you missed any class for any reason.


$300 for 15 sessions/ $240. With EBT card

Available Classes

Mondays – 5 and 6 year-olds

First and second graders are ready to move away from purely symbolic representations to draw form a guided observation of 3 dimensional objects. Rather than a stick with round petals, a 6 year old is able to see and draw how the stem bends, and how many leaves it has. Tools, something they would not have drawn symbolically, become an investigative journey. Paint, clay, construction projects expand the expressive possibilities this new understanding.

Tuesdays – 7 and 8 year-olds

In this class, children’s developing abilities to see an object as a whole or in a context, rather than just a collection of parts, opens up a wider variety of more complex challenges. Portraits of each other, facial expressions, the curled of position of a sleeping cat give them the opportunity to  expand their expressive vocabulary.

Wednesdays – 9 and 10 year-olds

5th and 6th graders, comfortable with choosing appropriate line qualities, shapes and size relationships in their observation drawings, look forward to adding color, shading and expression to these perceptions. They want to know how to  express the nuances that paint  and other  2D media can offer to their art. More advanced painting and printmaking techniques such as linoleum carving will be taught.

Thursdays – 10 to 14 year-olds

Here is where students develop the skills to really draw how things look, and confidence in their perception of the  line, detail, textures, perspective, shading and proportion of a variety of subjects, from portraiture to  interior spaces to the natural world.

Each student is encouraged take these skills into individual directions that interest them. A close observation of the colors of a birds wing may lead to a pastel or detailed ink drawing. Several media planned to expand on the drawing skills  are offered