Art/Swim 2019


The art swim program at Meadowedge is a popular and fun way for kids to spend summer afternoons. Upon arrival, the art part begins and at 2:30, there is a swim break in our lifeguarded in-ground pool followed by a healthy snack and more art. Swimming is not compulsory) Free swim again at 4, followed by optional lessons.
  • Look through these choices and dates choose which you would like. They all are for all ages 5-11.
  • 12-year-olds may apply to be helpers. ( contact me)
  • Time is 1-4 pm with extra time for free swim before, during and after these hours.
  • No need for a deposit. Payment is due when you receive your confirmation in early June
  • As for swimming lessons, you may sign up at the beginning of the workshop week.

Class Descriptions

Flat Felting Cushions

With multi needled tools, wet felting materials and many colors of felt roving on a prepared pre-felt background, create a striking cover for a 10×10 inch decorative cushion (provided).

June 24-27


Hats and Flags

Get ready for the 4th! Decorate Hats and Flags that glow in the dark! You won’t get lost at the fireworks- discounted price -$100. For 3 days.

July 1-3


Beads and Branches

String bright beads, feathers, bells, leaves and other found objects on a weathered branch pre-threaded with a filament. Then drape with a set of tiny fairy lights for an enchanting light source in a darkened area.

July 8-11


Mandala Puzzles

Draw your own mandala design onto both sides of a  wood circle, treat with a shiny protective finish, then have it cut into hexagonal pieces. Scatter and flip pieces to reconstruct new designs!

July 14-18


Stone Carving Creatures

Cut, carve, and shape a piece of soft stone, then sand and polish to a bright shine. You may add texture or writing with sharp pointed tools. We use saws, various rasps, graters, several grades wet sandpaper, and butchers wax. Holes can be drilled for pencil or candle holders.

July 22-25


Marble Mazes

Using recycled or found crafting materials, scissors, glue, tape or string, construct a maze through which a marble must pass, taking as long as possible. It must have many fun diversions! Make ramps, obstacles, different surfaces, and other devices to slow down your marble. A fun and cooperative engineering project for all ages!



Weave a Rainbow

After choosing from a wide selection of yarns, fibers and natural materials( leaves, grasses, feathers) our young artists will hand weave them into a warp on a 24” x 16” loom to create an original piece to hang on display.